Aastra 415/430

The Aastra 415 and Aastra 430 can be used in smaller businesses and organisations with up to 12 and/or 50 employees.Both systems are modular and in principle with an identical
structure. The Aastra 430 offers as standard more connections and a total of four instead of two expansion slots.
Both systems are perfectly suitable for the integration of smaller offices in a company’s headquarters


Fully VoIP based communication server
Wide range of digital, IP and SIP phones
One number for users with multiple devices (deskphone, cordless, mobile, softphone)
Wide range of convenient, team and presence-management functions to improve your activities
UCC solution, including CTI, video conference, chat and desktop sharing
Integrated voicemail and auto-attendant
Fully integrated cordless phones (DECT and SIP-DECT) for accessibility and mobility everywhere in the company


Same type of boards and telephones in both systems. The modular approach makes it easy to expand your system as you expand your business.
Small to medium-sized businesses get the right amount of telephony power at the right cost.
Stay connected even if your out of the office by integrating mobile phones as extensions
Excellent investment protection. If your business grows, you don’t have to start all over again with your telephone systems.
Advanced IP telephony. Even very small businesses can utilize the bandwidth in their LAN/WAN.

Aastra MX-ONE

Aastra MX-ONE is a SIP-based communications system offering excellent voice communications combined with a variety of applications to provide a complete range of Unified Communications and Mobility solutions. Aastra MX-ONE is the ultimate IP communications system. It gives you the flexibility to respond to specific communications needs, and to offer users the right services, wherever they are, using the device of their choice. Since voice, data, video and applications all converge over one network – public or private, fixed or mobile – you can access all your office functions such as presence, management applications and phone services, as well as manage your calendar and contacts


Support for full range of SIP terminals and soft phones, as well as H.323 terminals, Mobile Extension, Wi-Fi, DECT/SIP DECT, analog and digital terminals
500 system and end-user features such as different types of diversion, free seating and executive/secretary services
Full range of public trunk interfaces including ISDN, CAS/MFC, DPNSS and analog trunks
Full support for SIP trunking with certification from many service providers worldwide
Server redundancy with automatic fail-over
Network redundancy through multiple NICs


Freedom of choice – we offer a wide variety of building blocks that can be adapted to fit the needs of virtually any organization. Whether in the office or on the move, users will have access to all their communication features and applications, regardless of location through a variety of terminals. This will ensure a high degree of efficiency and productivity, thus ensuring top notch customer service.
Open standards – Aastra MX-ONE takes your communication from a TDM-circuit-switched based solution to the standards based SIP and UC communication solutions of the future.
Flexible deployment – Aastra MX-ONE can be centralized or distributed across 100’s of sites, yet seen as a single system with complete feature transparency between sites.