Ultimate flexibility


One of the primary benefits of choosing IP Telco Hosted PBX is flexibility. Nothing matches Hosted PBX for companies with an outside Salesforce, multiple locations, remote workers or work from home employees.


  • Ultimate flexibility
  • 100% scalable as big as you want to grow!
  • Security and Reliability
  • Simplify Communications Management
  • Get the best calling features without purchasing equipment
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Unite all your workers, regardless of their physical location
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Be more responsive to your customers


100% scalable as big as you want to grow!


Scale your business simply and cost effectively by ordering exactly the number of phone extensions you need with the features you need now.  As your business expands or contracts, easily upgrade or downgrade your service with a quick call to IP Telco Customer Support.


Security and Reliability


With fully redundant geographic hosted server locations in Australia and Singapore and carrier-class equipment with backup power systems and secure co-lo facilities, IP Telco offers outstanding reliability for your company’s mission-critical communications.


Simplify Communications Management


Because there is no equipment to maintain and support, and since IP Telco provides full support from your desktop to your final calling destination, you can rest assured that you’ve simplified at least one area of your business.


Get the best calling features without purchasing equipment


There are breakthrough calling features being added to our service on a regular basis. Keep up with the latest productivity enhancing solutions and applications without buying any equipment. No Capital Expense! No depreciation, no financing of equipment. Never get stuck with obsolete phone system equipment again.

With IP Telco hosted PBX service, there is no need for customer premise equipment (CPE), dedicated telephone equipment that resides at your office – as is necessary with traditional PBX systems. Instead, your incoming calls are routed to IP Telco secure data centre where our carrier-class system determines where to transfer the call, swiftly forwarding it to the appropriate extension at your office.


Lower ongoing maintenance costs


Moves, ads and changes are easily accomplished through an administrator interface or a quick phone call to IP Telco customer support.

Unite all your workers, regardless of their physical location

All employees can access the full features of your phone system whether in satellite offices or home offices, anywhere, any time. Save money with free on-net calling.  All calls between your IP Telco connected offices and remote workers are free.


Easy to learn and use


What good are advanced calling features if they are buried behind cryptic commands like on your phone’s keypad? IP Telco advanced features are accessible, intuitive, and easier to use through a “point and click” web interface.


Be more responsive to customers


With advanced calling features like simultaneous ring and our IP Telco Anywhere feature set, you’ll be more in touch and responsive to your customer’s needs…a must in today’s competitive marketplace.