Hosted PBX is an external (offsite) telephone system that delivers all the features and benefits of a full functioning PBX without the need for expensive hardware at your office. IP Telco Hosted PBX is ideal for small offices of 1 to 10 staff.  Your PBX is hosted by IP Telco in Australia’s leading data centre and will get your telecommunications on track with minimal start-up cost. It is a fully flexible solution that grows with your business.


Is your business geographically dispersed?


No matter where your offices are located within Australia you can connect to your customers from as little as the price of a local call. You can distribute your calls based on time of day, location of the caller or staff activity. You can even keep the same phone numbers when moving overseas.


IP Telco Hosted PBX is ideal if:


  • Your organisation is geographically dispersed but you would like to maintain a central location of inbound/outbound calls.
  • Your business is evaluating a move to VoIP without the hardware investment.
  • There are a number of smaller offices (1-5 staff at each) and the investment in a PBX at each location cannot be justified.
  • A flexible phone system is required that will provide staff with the ability to relocate quickly and seamlessly between offices/home and possibly overseas without disrupting telecommunications.