Fibre Optic


Is the ultimate solution for compromised Internet & Networking connectivity. Fibre is a symmetric service that offers reliability and high performance download/upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps. In addition, Fibre services can be configured to help support and optimise key organisation services and applications.


Fibre services are ideal for organisations with:

  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Private Networking
  • Branch Offices
  • File Sharing, Intranets and IP Telephony
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Video and Audio Streaming


High Bandwidth & High Performance

Fibre offers download and upload services ranging form 10Mbps to 1Gbps.


Symmetrical Service

Fibre services are symmetrical, meaning they have the same download and upload rates. Symmetrical services are essential for businesses that utilise upload bandwidth for Private Networks, Terminal Services, IP Telephony, File Sharing, Internal Intranets and Remote Worker Support.


Traffic Prioritisation (QoS)

Optimise and prioritise the different types of data passing through your network. Fibre improves network performance and reliability for business critical applications.


Upload / Download Limits

Your organisation can select from a range of download limits. Your upload data is not counted towards monthly data quotas.


Business Grade Support

IP Telco has a dedicated Australian Internet Support Team that supports clients across regional and metropolitan Australia.