Mid Band Ethernet


Is a cost effective, high speed, reliable internet service that is ideal for organisations that have outgrown ADSL2+. The service is designed to support organisations with demanding network connectivity requirements.


It is a symmetric internet service, enabling high speed uploads and downloads. In addition, Ethernet services can be configured to help support and optimise key organisation services and applications.


Ethernet is an ideal network foundation for organisation with:

  • Private Networking
  • Multiple Locations
  • File & Application Sharing
  • Intranets & IP Telephony
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Video & Audio Streaming


High Bandwidth & High Performance

The various bandwidth options offered by Ethernet ranges download and upload rates of up to 40 Mbps.


Symmetrical Service

Mid Band Ethernet services are symmetrical, meaning they have the same download and upload rates. Symmetrical services are essential for businesses that utilise upload bandwidth for private networks, terminal services, IP telephony, file sharing, internal intranets and remote worker support.


Traffic Prioritisation (QoS)

Optimise and prioritise the different types of data passing through your network. Mid Band Ethernet improves network performance and reliability for business critical applications.


Unlimited uploads / downloads

Your organisation can select from a range of download limits, including unlimited. Your upload data is not counted towards monthly data quotas.