Offsite Backup

Data is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets; protect it from human error, viruses, sabotage, corruption, fire and natural disasters. Offsite Data Backup provides a simple, cost effective, automated online service that protects your organisation from data loss.


Hosted locally in Australia, Offisite Backup securely encrypts and automatically transfers your business critical data to our network of National Data Centres.

Hosted Backup Infrastructure

  • Servers hosted in Australia
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Business grade support & SLA
  • File Encryption
  • Network Security


Online Backup

  • Automate Backups
  • Support for Critical Applications
  • Online Portal
  • Quick Restore
  • Backup Validation
  • Frequency & Retention Policy


Benefits to your Organisation

  • Peace-of-Mind
  • Fixed Monthly Costs
  • Cost Efficiency
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Flexible & Scalable




Flexible Storage Size

Choose a suitable storage size to suit your organisation’s requirements which you can upgrade when and as required.


Automate Backups

You can schedule your online backup process to begin automatically. The system analyses data changes and prepares this information for online transfer. Data is then encrypted, de-duplicated and transferred.


Support for Critical Applications

Online backup supports information and data from critical business applications and systems including: Windows XP/Vista/7, Server 2000/03/08, Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, Oracle and MySQL. For more supported applications please contact us.


Online Portal

You can choose to self-mange your online backups. You can access and retrieve your business data through a simple and intuitive online access portal. View daily reports, manage storage utilisation and manage backup jobs.

Quick Restore

Quickly access, search and restore any data through a secure online access portal.


File Encryption

Your data is protected for safe transfer and storage.
Backup Validation
Upgrade to our fully Managed Backup Service and we will monitor your backups daily and perform regular data validation tests to ensure your critical data can be restored when required.


Frequency & Retention

Choose a retention policy to meet your requirements, ensuring that you can retrieve data from as far back as you require.