Music on hold

Professional message on hold and music on hold available for your business


IP Telco offers on hold music & message on hold recording services to businesses across Australia. Our on hold message recording uses the latest high quality recording equipment and editing techniques. We optimise our digital music on hold for phone transmission to ensure that callers receive a quality performance – our aim is to produce on hold messages and on hold music that keeps your waiting callers happy and holds their attention.


Choose IP Telco for On Hold Message in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and beyond


IP Telco’s recording services can provide a dramatic improvement to your company image by offering your callers on hold messages that convey important facts about your business, including operating hours and featured products. Using on hold messages gives businesses in Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW) and right throughout Australia a valuable opportunity to communicate with clients and has the added benefit of reducing dropped call rates.


Music holds customers’ attention and keeps them entertained


A custom on hold message, mixed with on hold music ensures that callers know they are being kept on hold. This is important so customers do not feel abandoned or that they have possibly been disconnected. If there are no on hold messages or music at the end of the line, many callers will not wait long before hanging up. If you can provide them with some useful information, on hold phone messages can keep your callers online for considerably longer, allow time for your operators to answer and reduce the stress of callers.

We can also produce simple instructions to assist callers in navigating their way through menus of available options and provide a full range of prompts and voiceovers to ensure that your response to your incoming calls is useful, whilst sounding professional and courteous.

Phone Messages – Telephone IVR Prompts & Recordings

Professional phone messages and messages on hold


When you call into a business the phone messages should reflect the professional business that you are. IP Telco can record the ivr prompts, auto attendants, voicemails, after hours message and all telephone recordings and mix with entertaining on hold music to make sure your business reflects its professionalism.


Create a professional image, promote your business and hold your callers attention – Call now and find out how IP Telco’s on hold recordings will give your business communications a real boost!


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