Security Information

IP Telco takes account security very seriously and realises that even with the best of intentions there is the possibility of fraud through customers equipment or account details.


With this in mind IP Telco has several security tools available to assist in stopping and limiting damage caused by compromised systems. Below is a list of the security measures we routinely implement:


Real time Credit Limiting

International Destination Dialling (Limits international countries your account can dial)
International call limits (Limits the number of international calls your account can make)
Country of origin limits (Limits the country of origin that can access your account)
These tools are setup with default and reasonable values on all Applied IT Systems accounts, however if you do wish to change the settings of any of these please contact IP Telco by lodging a support ticket and our staff will assist with the changes required. There is no cost for changing security settings on your IP Telco account.


General Security Procedures you can take to secure your own equipment

Ensure your home or office network security software is up to date
Use complex passwords for your router and change them regularly
Ensure you have anti-virus and anti-malware installed on your computers
Protect your site with a hardware based firewall
Minimise access to your PBX or Voip Box
Never place your device in a De-Militarised Zone (DMZ) of your router
Keep an eye on call logs for any strange patterns in calls or calls to strange destinations
Done give out sensitive information such as usernames and passwords
Stay informed about developments and improvements in VOIP security options